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Recycling retired racers isn't enough for us either. We are also striving to be an environmentally friendly company, starting with our web host. We searched for a web host who thinks like we do, and settled on one that powered our web site with 100% wind power from wind farms in Texas.

All of our waste in the office is recycled.  Paper and plastic in the traditional ways, but in addition we use all cloth scraps to make stuffies for the greyhounds in the local rescues. Cardboard boxes are often recycled by sending your purchases out to you.

We work hard to keep our paper use to a minimum.  Packing slips/invoices are replaced by emails via PayPal to avoid duplicate printouts. Paper receipts are replaced with email or text receipts unless otherwise requested.  

CFL lights, programmed thermostats, unplugged equipment when it’s not in use...we try to do what we can.  If you are reading this and saying, “well eco-friendly just isn’t my thing” then think of the other green.  All that we do to be green on our end saves us money which in turn saves you money.