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We adopted our first greyhound, Chet, in 2009 and immediately fell in love with the breed. Chet changed our lives in so many ways which we can't begin to describe. When he passed away in 2010 from an unexpected stroke my husband and I were devastated. After a period of mourning we decided we needed to do something to give back to the greyhound community in memory of him. That was how Greyt Gear by M.J. was born. Since our loss we have adopted two greyhounds, and wanted something classy and attractive for them to wear. After some searching, we realized there were few good options at a reasonable price. With a clear vision in mind, we decided we could produce something of great quality with style and affordable prices.

In 2012 we merged with Greyt Outdoors bringing a new set of designs and nearly ten years of experience to the Greyt Gear family line up.  Available through or in our e-shop, these newest set of fleeces, Pjs, and soft shell coats add a distinctive set of designs for your greyhound to try on.  We are continuing to strive towards excellence in design and quality at Greyt Gear and Greyt Outdoors.  Be sure to tell us what you think, and follow us on Facebook at or

While we offer the basic colors and styles for those of you looking for something simple yet classy, we strive to produce a superior quality product. As our company has grown, we have launched new and fresh ideas that we are certain will be the envy of all your fellow greyhound parents. Putting our industrial design and in-process engineering backgrounds to use, we have been developing multiple sporty, sleek, classy, and elegant lines of clothing and putting them to the test on our own hounds and local fosters. In addition to helping promote adoption through our local greyhound rescue, we will donate a portion of every sale to the rescue effort.

In loving memory of Chet. Nov 2005-Jan 2010